These rights and terms of service apply to the cloud mining service and the LONVIRIOL COMMERCIAL LP website, located at e-mail at https://cloudymining.com, as well as its subdomains. The website and all services are the property of LONVIRIOL COMMERCIAL LP.
“СloudyMining” and determine any related rights and obligations associated with this. These Terms and Conditions for the use of “СloudyMining”, as well as any instructions, recommendations and similar information that is posted on the website (including temporary), determine the order and algorithm of work when using the cloud mining service “СloudyMining”. Using the website, platform and / or cloud-based service, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the site, platform and / or service.

“СloudyMining” reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify, add or delete parts or points of these terms and conditions of service at any time. You must periodically check these conditions for a change. The current version of these terms and conditions can be found at https://cloudymining.com. Your continued use of the site and / or services, after published updates will mean that you accept and agree to the changes. For the period until you agree to and comply with these terms and conditions, “CloudyMining” grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and unlimited privilege to enter and use the website, platform and cloud-mining service.

LONVIRIOL COMMERCIAL LP provides technical support, development and marketing of the site https://cloudymining.com and its subdomains.


1.1. This agreement between LONVIRIOL COMMERCIAL LP (also referred to under the present conditions as “СloudyMining”, “we”, “us” or “ours”) and, by a person who accesses and uses the cloud-mining service, the CloudMining site or platform and the host these Terms and Conditions (also referred to in these terms as “Client”, “You”, “Your”).
1.2. In these terms and conditions:
1.2.1. “Crypto-currency” is a decentralized digital currency; “Bitcoin” – crypto currency, known as Bitcoin (the very first crypto currency in the world); “Altkoyny” – all other world crypto-currencies, except bitkoyna.
1.2.2. “Miners” are people who extract crypto currency using their own or cloud computing capacities.
1.2.3. “Mining pool” is an organized association of miners. Members of these associations work together to increase the likelihood of extracting crypto currency, extracted, in the process of such mining, the crypto currency is distributed among members directly proportional to the processing power provided by each of the members of the association;
1.2.4. “Equipment for mining” is computer equipment belonging to “CloudyMining”, which is used to provide the Service of cloud mining;
1.2.5. “Hashrayt” is a unit of measurement of the computational power used to produce one or another crypto currency. Also Hashrate is a hashing algorithm (SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, etc.);
1.2.6. “Cloud computing power” is the computing power of the Cloud Mining Service acquired by a user who manages it using the Website;
1.2.7. “Cloud Service” is a cloud computing service “СloudyMining”, which allows users to remotely use cloud-based mining capabilities through the website https://cloudymining.com;
1.2.8. “Support” or “Customer Support” or “Customer Support” is the technical support service “CloudyMining”, which is provided by e-mail, the cloud of knowledge “CloudyMining” is presented on the site, through which customers can find answers to common questions and request help by sending a request;
1.2.9. “Platform” is a graphical user interface for the CloudMining cloud cloud service;
1.2.10. “Website” is the site https://cloudymining.com and any applications, software, e-mail services or other websites that we use to provide the services of the service “CloudyMining”;
1.2.11. “Payout” is a periodic deposit on your balance account, depending on your Cloud computing power. “CloudyMining” can change the frequency of Payouts at any time, but at most once a day;
1.2.12. “Tariffs” means the maintenance and electricity charges levied for using the cloud-mining system;
1.2.13. “Account” is a method of your personal access to the cloud-mining service, described later in Section 6;
1.2.14. “Balance” is your personal account balance;
1.2.15. “Contract” is an agreement on the basis of which the client is granted access to the Cloud computing service with a certain speed Hash prescribed in this agreement;
1.2.16. “Term of the agreement” is the period during which the Miner (client) and the company “CloudyMining” are in contractual relations in the area of ​​administration of the Cloud computing and crypto currency management service. By default, CloudyMining provides contracts that do not have an expiration date, unless otherwise specified;
1.2.17. “Check” is the state in which the Account can be placed. This state does not allow the specified account to perform any actions. This state is used as security measures;
1.2.18. “Pre-order” is a contract with a start date in the future. The start date can be changed;
1.2.19. “Referral program” or “Affiliate program” is functionality that allows the Client to receive financial rewards for Contracts purchased by other Clients;
1.2.20. “Referral code” is a special code that allows a new client to register with CloudyMining service with certain privileges;
1.2.21. “Referral link” is a URL with a referral code that allows a new client to register with “CloudyMining” with certain privileges;
1.2.22. “Referral” is a Customer who is registered using a referral link of another Client;
1.2.23. “Referrer” is a Client who provided a link or code for registration for new customers;
1.2.24. “Buying a referral” or “Buying an abstract” is a purchase made by a referral;
1.2.25. “Referral bonus” is a reward that a referral receives for the purchase of a referral;
1.2.26. “Affiliate network” are websites of partner companies that allow any person (with or without a CloudyMining account) to receive financial rewards for cloud rental contracts purchased by customers, due to certain actions conducted with the help of such partner.
1.3. These Terms apply to any mining activity that you perform using the cloud search service, the platform and / or the https://cloudymining.com website. These Terms and Conditions are the basis, the conclusion between you and the legal agreement of the company “Cloudy Mining”. This legal agreement is considered concluded after the company confirms your registration as a user of the website https://cloudymining.com.
1.4. These terms and conditions of service shall prevail over the terms, rules, shares and conditions that are listed on the site and differ from these Terms.
1.5. The production and turnover of the crypto currency is completely decentralized and does not fall under the jurisdiction of any of the states of the world. You agree that no legislation of any country regulates and can not regulate activities related to the extraction (production) of the crypto currency.
1.6. By applying for registration as Cloud Miner (customer of the company), you confirm that you understand and accept (and can understand and accept) these terms of service and agree with them. You should regularly check the Website and these rules for possible changes in the terms of service, instructions, recommendations and similar information found on the Site.
1.7. You can apply for registration as a Miner if:
1.7.1. during registration you are 18 or more years old;
1.7.2. the legislation of your country does not provide for legal liability for the use of crypto currency or the development of crypto currency.
1.8. To register as a miner, you must be prepared to provide us with proof of identity. This is done to help us prevent fraud, illegal circulation of currency or other criminal acts. As proof of your identity, we may require proof of your residence at the registration address, residential address or residence indicated during registration on the company’s website within the last 6 months.
1.9. Miners are prohibited from visiting the website or using the Cloud Mining service through anonymous proxy services (for example, Tor browser or VPN service) and other services or technologies that hide the real location of the client when connected to the Internet.
1.10. Cloud development, which the client implements using the cloud computing service “СloudyMining”, is not related to commodity money, currency or financial relations in any form, the wording of which is specified in any of the existing legislations of world states.
2.1. Actions with Crypto-currencies bear inherent risks. Due to the fact that the Crypto-currencies are not regulated and decentralized, no government bodies or services influence or affect their value. The value of any Contract may be changed by the company “CloudyMining” according to the current situation in the world market of crypto-currencies. Cost factors include, but are not limited to, changes in the complexity of Crypto-currency mining and / or other parameters / properties of mining, price fluctuations (the rate of the currency to the exchange rate, for example, USD / BTC), and hardware depreciation and equipment depreciation. You understand and agree that the price of any Contact and any amount of the Crypto currency you earn may lose all value at any time due to changes in the situation on the world market of crypto currency.
2.2. Any information related to the Crypto-currency that is published and / or provided by “CloudyMining” through any communication channel (including but not limited to: Web site, official social network group, customer support, e-mail) can be changed at any time .
3.1. You must not use, buy, sell, exchange, retain, own or use the Crypto currency in a manner that is prohibited by laws or regulations that apply to you as a citizen of a particular country.
3.2. Crypto-currencies can be an inappropriate tool as an investment for you. Before mining any Crypto currency, you should find out about it exhaustive information to make sure that it is suitable for you, as a tool for investing. Investing in the crypto currency, like any other currency or asset, carries a risk. The risks of investment characteristic of the Crypto currency include:
3.2.1. fluctuations in exchange rates – the price for bitcoins and / or any other crypto currency may change dramatically and / or may even fall to zero;
3.2.2. Transactions with Crypto-currencies may remain unconfirmed for an indefinite period of time. Some Crypto-currency transactions may remain unconfirmed within the system through which their operation is carried out;
3.2.3. transactions with Crypto-currencies are irreversible – if you make a mistake in the transaction (in other words, send any amount of crypto-currency to the wrong person or organization), you can not return these funds.
3.2.4. crypto-currencies can be lost forever, in case you lose or forget any PIN-codes or passwords necessary to access these Crypto-currencies (in particular to the purse of the blockchain system);
3.2.5. unknown technical defects inherent in Crypto-currencies in general;
3.2.6. new regulation (including legal regulation), which can radically affect the use of Crypto-currency.
3.3. Agreeing with these terms of service, you confirm that you understand, are able to understand and accept the risks associated with the Crypto currency.
4.1. Submission of the application for registration, you confirm that you have read and fully agree with the conditions. Terms and conditions. After submitting an application, you can not refuse this topic on your account.
4.2. The company has the exclusive right to decide whether your application for registration will be accepted and confirmed. If your application is accepted, a legal agreement with binding terms and conditions will be entered into between you and the Company. Subject to the rights of rights, obligations and norms, you can not cancel or refuse, unilaterally, this agreement based on these Terms and Conditions of Service, and you will not be entitled to compensation as a result of refusal to comply with the requirements of such contract.
5.1. These Terms of Service are valid for an unlimited period of time, even after the termination of your Account.
5.2. The term of the contract to provide cloud computing power is unlimited by default, unless otherwise specified. Mining of crypto currency is continued while such a mining of crypto currency is profitable for the client.
5.3. Contracts with a specified expiry date expire on the expiration date, in this case, the effect of cloud computing power is terminated.
5.4. Pre-orders are Contracts that are not activated immediately upon purchase, but are activated at the date specified in the conclusion of such a contract.
5.5. The process of mining the crypto currency is continued until such mining is profitable.
This means that the production process will cease if the maintenance and electricity bill becomes more than the Payment by the results of the very mining. If the mining process remains unprofitable for 21 consecutive days, the mining ceases. During a consistent 21-day period, Payments and fees will also be temporarily discontinued. If, during the suspension period, the relevant factors associated with the contract (for example, the exchange rate and difficulties with the mining process) that are outside the control of “CloudyMining” will be favorably changed, which will make the mining profitable again, the contracts and the work of the cloud computing power will renewed.
5.6. “CloudyMining” reserves the right to change the launch date, the term of the Agreement and / or the term of the contract.

5.7. The termination of the contract can be carried out only with the consent of the two parties. Unilateral termination of the contract is impossible.
6.1. To successfully complete the registration, you will need to send copies of your identity documents, valid email address for your website account (“Account”), password (“Password”). It is also required to choose the country of residence. In order to be able to withdraw (withdraw) funds, you need to enter at least one purse for the Crypto currency that you use.
6.2. You must ensure that all information about you that is requested by the company and which you provide is true, complete, and not misleading and irrelevant.
6.3. The user name and password will be provided to you if you apply for registration as Miner and your application will be successfully activated (confirmed).
6.4. To access some parts of the website, you will need your personal user name and password. Your username and password are personal to you and should not be passed on to third parties.
6.5. The number of accounts is limited to one account for each customer.
6.6. After registration, you get the right to send an order to receive a certain amount of cloud computing power. The company “CloudyMining” confirms the execution of the order. The speed of the order depends on the availability of capacity, as well as other factors that directly affect the speed of orders.
6.7. Your order is a request for the conclusion of the Contract. The order is not a finalized contract. In the event of accepting an order, we associate your Contract with your account. Until then, the order is in standby mode, and “CloudyMining” reserves the right to reject your application.
6.8. Confirmation of your order will be done by e-mail, the letter will also indicate the effective date of the Contract. The confirmed start date of the Contract will be communicated to you in the following e-mail. The time that will be required to confirm the effective date of the Contract is from 1 to 14 business days.
6.9. Subject to full payment of the contract, the miners will be able to receive the Crypto currency in direct proportion to the capacity of the cloud computing facilities and the time period during which such capacities operate. Miners can manage cloud computing power only during the contract period. The earned Crypto currency will be transferred to your wallet upon your request, if such a request is confirmed.
6.10. If you lose access to your account, “CloudyMining” may ask you to provide certain types of data, including copies of identity documents, in order to establish or verify the ownership of the Account. This may include, but not limited to: an identity card; confirming documents of residence; confirmation of phone number / e-mail and any identifiable activities on the Site, such as transaction identifiers, order numbers, withdrawal amounts, and others.
7.1. You can use the acquired Cloud Computing power only for your own personal interests. Using the website, service, platform and / or any service of CloudyMining, you confirm that you do not act in the interests of any third parties or organizations.
7.2. We have the right to assume that any action on your account is done by you. You are solely responsible for any use of the website, platform and / or service under your account, or any other use of your user name and password.
7.3. You can register only one account. If you forget your username or password, you can use the password recovery option or contact support.
7.5. If you do not log in to your account within 12 months, we can terminate your account. You will, if possible, be notified in advance. If we can not contact you or you take no action to prevent the account from ending, your balance will be canceled.
8.1. You agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and all the rules applicable to the use of the website. platform and cloud-based services.
8.2. You agree that you provide CloudyMining with just the right data to verify your identity and in no way distort the provided information.
8.3. You are not allowed to abuse any shares, discounts, bonuses, referral programs provided by CloudyMining and / or its partners.
8.4. You are not allowed to use any means to mask your Internet traffic and IP addresses (for example, Proxy, Tor, VPN and others).
8.5. The use of the cloud-based service as a system of multilevel marketing (MLM) and / or High-yield investment projects (HYIP) is strictly prohibited.
8.6. You are strictly prohibited from making mistakes in the software of the website, the platform, the service of all and / or any of its parts and / or functions for commercial / personal gain or as a means of disrupting the work and / or destabilizing the service, platform and / site. If you accidentally encounter such a programming error, you need to report it using email or any other convenient and accessible way to you.
9.1. During the whole term of the Agreement you can use the website, platform and / or services for:
9.1.1. change or update of registration information and contact information;
9.1.2. with the help of customer support, deactivate or reactivate your account;
9.1.3. with the help of customer support to change the email address to log in;
9.1.4. change some parameters of cloud computing power;
9.1.5. changes in purse data for crypto currency.
9.2. Subject to payment and additional fees, you may use the Website for:
9.2.1. Adding new contracts for mining crypto-currency;
9.2.2. increase the power of your cloud computing power.
10.1. Your balance displayed in the administrative panel is your personal amount of funds available for use, in particular for acquiring computing power.
10.2. There are several types of balances available for clients. The following types of balances are currently available:
10.2.1. The BTC balance is measured in BTC (bitcoins) with an accuracy of 0.00000001 BTC (1 satosh, the minimum undivided amount of BTC);
10.3. Other Crypto currency balances can be entered and / or deleted at any time.
10.4. Funds earned (in the process of mining) will flow directly to your balance. The procedure for crediting funds to your balance sheet may take from 2 to 24 hours after the receipt (as a result of mining) of the crypto currency.
10.5. The balance can be used in the following ways:
10.5.1. You can withdraw (withdraw) your balance at any time if the withdrawal request (withdrawal) corresponds to the minimum requirement.
10.5.2. You can purchase additional Contracts for any directional mining to increase your overall computing power.
10.6. “CloudyMining” reserves the right to make retroactive recalculations of contributed / withdrawn funds to Balance (s), to correct any errors or inconsistencies in the service and / or on the platform.
11.1. Directly for mining crypto currency, we provide you with a platform that allows you to access the service and use it to extract crypto currency. For access to cloud computing facilities, as well as for administration of such capacities, we collect a periodic fee, which is defined as “Tariffs”. Tariffs are developed taking into account the use of electricity, as well as the cost of maintenance of commodity equipment. Maintenance costs: equipment setup, data center rental, testing of mining pools, staff salaries, planning and testing of future developments, software development, exchange of used and non-working spare parts and other costs necessary to provide services at the highest quality level. Availability and specification of the Tariffs for each type of Contract can always be seen on the Site.
11.2. Monthly payments for electricity are fixed and calculated according to the following formula:
F = A * q * S * 720 h, where:
A is the actual capacity of the equipment measured in H / s;
q – power consumption (power / hash), measured in kW / h / s;
S – the cost of electricity (average for the previous 2 months), the indicator in US dollars / kWh;
720 hours – 30 days in hours.
11.3. Tariffs Subtracted from your Balance once just after the approval of your order for a particular package. If the package includes a periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) fee, then such a fee is charged at the beginning of each such period.
11.4. “Cloudy” reserves the right to change tariffs and fees at any time without prior notice.
11.5. Fees for payment of tariffs are not refundable.
12.1. We provide and maintain the website and all services and services provided, following the principle of “AS IS”. The company is responsible for the provision of services only if such services are used for their intended purpose.
12.2. The Company does not give any other guarantees, other than these Terms and Conditions, in connection with the operation of the website, platform or service, and we disclaim any liability for:
12.2.1. information that may contain data on, exchange rates and / or rates of crypto-currency, for the reliability of information and materials contained on the website, the group in the social network, the support service, newsletters, letters sent by e-mail and the media. You hereby agree that no equipment for the making, be it computer power and / or internet connection, can not be completely and always correct, since, sometimes, technical malfunctions can affect the service, as well as the human factor, and that this can entail certain consequences, such as interruptions in work, changes in exchange rates and the value of contracts;
12.2.2. any change in the exchange rate of bitcoins or any other crypto currency;
12.2.3. any change in the complexity and the algorithm of mining itself is crypto-currency;
12.2.4. any changes in legislation or regulation, or acts of any legislator or regulator in any part of the world;
12.2.5. any interruptions or errors of a website, platform, service or other type of communication;
12.2.6. violation by any third party. any copyright or other intellectual property rights, any third party, through any user content or use of the site, platform or service;
12.2.7. the availability, quality, content or nature of sites that link to any information posted on the website https://cloudymining.com, the same applies to sites referred to by https://cloudymining.com;
12.2.8. loss of any amount, access to the account and / or any other loss of information and property that is caused by viruses, virus attacks (other malicious software) that can infect computer equipment, software, loss of all or part of information and material values, caused by the action of any third person who accesses, uses or downloads the site, platform, service and / or any user content;
12.3. We are not liable for any failure to fulfill any obligations in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Service, if such responsibility is caused by occurrence of events, to which the company can not and / or could not influence.
12.4. Except as noted above, there are no other warranties or conditions, express or implied, that may have any effect on the relationship between the customer and the company.
12.5. To the maximum extent that does not contradict the law, we exclude liability for any losses that you may incur, regardless of whether you suffered directly or indirectly from events that fall into any of the following categories:
12.5.1. damage if the party is aware of the circumstances in which such particular damage may result;
12.5.2. loss of savings;
12.5.3. loss of business opportunities and time management;
12.5.4. loss of reputation;
12.5.5. loss of the crypto currency, arising as a result of any of your actions or omissions of third parties; losses arising from: any defect or unstable operation in any systems that you use to store or transmit a Crypto currency or to access or use a Web site, platform and / or service; any inaccurate or incomplete information that you provide, including Crypto currency purse addresses; any changes in the amount of Crypto currency awarded to the Miners; any changes in the regulatory, legislative or technical environment applicable to the Crypto currency; acts or regulations of any bank, provider of banking services or payment services; any change in the rate of the Crypto currency or the value of the contract (including as a result of the actions or inaction of CloudyMining).
12.6. To the maximum extent permitted by law, our aggregate liability with respect to any claims made in connection with the use of the website, platform, and / or service, as well as the actions arising from its use will be limited to the payment of the relevant amount of damage established on the basis of common sense at the discretion of the company “Cloudy Mining”.
12.7. You agree not to use the website, platform and / or service in the following ways:
12.7.1. illegal;
12.7.2. A way that can cause civil or criminal liability for the use of CloudyMining services;
12.7.3. can lead to any negative consequences for “CloudyMining
12.8. You hereby agree to indemnify and prevent us and our officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees (collectively referred to as “Released Parties”) from any liabilities and expenses (including legal costs) incurred by the Parties in Any claims arising from:
12.8.1. any fraudulent or unlawful acts that you commit;
12.8.2. any inaccuracy or untruthfulness of any information that you provided to us;
12.8.3. any violation of applicable law or regulations that you are committing;
12.8.4. use of a third party in your account;
12.8.5. Any violation by you of these terms of service;
12.8.6. actions of third parties arising from the use of your website, platform and / or service, as well as any use of your account (regardless of whether this action was committed by you).
12.9. You must cooperate with us in protecting any rights, both your personal and company. We reserve the right, at our expense, to assume exclusive protection and control over any issues that can not be resolved by you for objective reasons.
13.1. Without limiting any other rights, we may suspend, restrict or terminate access to your account, website and / or service, cancel your account balance and / or control the ability to withdraw funds if you violate any of the these Terms and Conditions of Service.
13.2. If we have reason to suspect that you use the site or service fraudulently or inappropriately, we will suspend your account until you prove the opposite, confirming:
13.2.1. your personality;
13.2.2. that your actions are not defined as “fraud”.
13.3. We will endeavor to provide you with a proper notice of any anticipated termination of the website, platform or service, or planned or unplanned work on the site.
13.4. If you become aware of a suspected or tolerated violation of these terms of service by another user, as well as fraud or misconduct of another user, you should contact us immediately in any available way.
14.1. The cost of tariff plans, as well as other payments, are set for the US dollar (USD) by default. Payments made in any other currency must take into account the exchange rate in US dollars at the time of the formation of accounts and any commissions for currency exchange.
14.2. The Customer can purchase the Contract using various payment methods:
14.2.1. in bitcoin or available, on the day of purchase, for payment of the Crypto currency;
14.2.2. in any fiat currency, subject to the obligatory conversion of payment with the help of a bank or a payment service;
14.3. The customer has the right not to pay for the order in case the order was created, but not yet confirmed;
14.4. “СloudyMining” provides an opportunity to pay only those methods that are presented on the site.
14.5. The Client bears sole responsibility for the information that is provided to the payment, including but not limited to: information on the beneficiary’s account, the amount and details of the payment:
14.5.1. If the amount of funds is not sufficient to fully pay the contract, CloudMining reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to adjust the Contract in accordance with the funds received or to request the missing amount to be paid before the Contract is activated.
14.5.2. If the amount of payment exceeds the amount for payment and activation of the contract, CloudMining reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to adjust the Contract in accordance with the received funds, add an excessive amount to the client’s account or return an excessive amount through the payment system to pay for the order initially .
14.5.3. If the Customer initiates a payment with incorrect / insufficient information and / or with an incorrect or absent account, CloudMining tries, if possible, to process the order and report the error in a timely manner. If the destination address does not belong to CloudMining (directly or through a third-party service) and / or is not associated with CloudMining in any way, CloudMining will not be liable and will reject any claims.
14.5.4. “Cloudy” is not obliged to take part in solving problems, with payment, without claims submitted by the Client.
14.6. In case of questions related to payment, you must present a demand:
14.6.1. The customer has the right to make claims related to payments by contacting the support service within 14 days from the date of the payment of the submitted documentary payment confirmation. Requests submitted within 14 days will not be considered.
14.6.2. “CloudyMining” reserves the right to demand confirmation if there are suspicions or facts that the payment was not received after the Contract comes into force. The client obliges the payment confirmation within 14 days upon receipt of such a request.
14.6.3. The payment confirmation includes, but is not limited to: Cloudy Mining order number, unique transaction ID or transaction number, recipient address, transferred amount, Account statement from the payment system used.
14.6.4. When using a credit card as a means of payment, you may be required to verify ownership of this card and request for identification.
14.6.5. If you do not confirm the payment within 14 days or if they were inactive, “Cloudy” reserves the right to the following actions: if the request was initiated Clement: “СloudyMining” reserves the right to reject the Customer’s request; if the request was activated by “СloudyMining”: “СloudyMining” reserves the right to amend / cancel the Contracts and to adjust the balance of the Customer’s account to the amount received under the relevant Contract.
14.7. “СloudyMining” reserves the right to switch and / or change any type and amount of hash for the Selected Contract at any time. Changing the contract type and hashtra will consider the current market price, and “CloudyMining” will try, if possible, not to reduce the total cost of the amended Contract. This means that in the case of an Extension to a hash algorithm (for example, SHA-256 or Scrypt), “CloudyMining” will try, if possible, to provide a substitution contract or a larger total cost than the amount (amount of capacity, etc.) with the market price at the time of change.
14.8. Unless otherwise provided by law or by a specific proposal, all purchases are final and non-refundable. “CloudyMining” reserves the right to make reimbursement of clients’ funds at its own discretion. If the reimbursement of funds has been made once, this does not mean the appearance of a compulsory equivalent compensation in the future.
14.9. In case of return:
14.9.1. The client will receive reimbursement of the expended funds for the period of the commencement of its purchased contracts, if any funds are not withdrawn from the balance of the Customer’s account during this period of time. If any amount has been successfully withdrawn from the Account Balance, refund requests will not be considered on the specified account.
14.9.2. “CloudyMining” has the right to cancel or deduct any amount of Computer Capacity and / or funds earned using Cloud Computing Power from the Customer’s account, as well as any funds provided as a referral bonus for the return of the requested amount of funds.
14.9.3. “CloudyMining” is not obliged to reimburse any funds spent for payment of maintenance and electricity services.
14.10. In the event of a return of overpaid funds, “CloudyMining” may charge a processing fee, depending on the payment system used. The fee for processing can be changed at any time.
15.1. The referral program allows registered customers to receive financial reward for attracting new Clients, which they sent (invited) to the service “CloudyMining”. Information about the referral program is available on the website.
15.2. Customers are allowed to advertise, publish and / or publish material with their referral link (s) on third-party websites or resources in order to purchase new referrals.
15.3. LONVIRIOL COMMERCIAL LP is not responsible for the accuracy and / or reliability of the information in any advertisements, publications and / or publications about “CloudyMining” created by Clients on any third-party websites or resources, with or without a referral link.
15.12. “CloudyMining” can correct and / or delete any referral code, its percentage bonus and any referral bonus received.
15.13. It is strictly forbidden to use the following types of traffic:
15.13.1. Pages of doorways;
15.13.2. Redirection;
15.13.3. Spam;
15.13.4. Contextual advertising of the brand “СloudyMining”.
15.14. “CloudyMining” reserves the right to terminate the access of any account to the Referral Program or any ability of the Account in the Referral Program at any time and for any reason.
16.1. A website may include displaying content that is owned by a third party (“User Content”).
16.2. We can remove or reject any “User Content” (message, comments, comments, etc.) posted by the user of the site.
16.3. You agree that we may process and store any content that you submit to the website. (“Your content”).
16.4. You can send your content to other users of the website, and other users of the site can send you User Content.
16.5. You agree to distribute your content by us both on internal resources and beyond. Therefore, you must ensure that your content does not contain information that you intend to keep confidential.
16.6. By providing access to the content posted on your website, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensed, irrevocable, perpetual worldwide license to use your Content for any purpose.
16.7. You agree that you have the right to provide, post or transmit your content to the website.
16.8. You will not provide, post or transmit to the website, or to third-party resources, mentioning any material, material or other content that CloudyMining company disclose to any company that in any way may disclose the company “CloudyMining”, in particular:
16.8.1. information is illegal and / or can lead to civil or criminal liability;
16.8.2. information violates any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party;
16.8.3. violates the rights of third parties to privacy or the right to publicity;
16.8.4. includes any computer virus or other malicious software;
16.8.5. is offensive, pornographic, libelous, discriminatory or obscene;
16.8.6. degrading the dignity of any other person;
16.8.7. prevents the use of another site user;
16.8.8. submission of any material from any moderator, administrator or any personnel, or any third person associated with “CloudyMining”;
16.8.9. contains confidential information of any third party;
16.8.10. requests passwords or personal information;
16.8.11. contains video, photographs or images of any third party without his permission (or in the case of a minor, legal guardian of a minor);
16.8.12. exploits any third party;
16.8.13. content that we consider inappropriate;
16.8.14. encourages or provokes any third party to commit any of the acts listed above.
16.9. In case of non-compliance with this provision on the information policy of the company, as well as any provision of this agreement, the company “CloudyMining” reserves the right to:
16.9.1. Deny the client the right to access the services;
16.9.2. Write off all funds on the client’s accounts with the company;
16.9.3. Annul and terminate the actions of all purchased contracts, without refunding the amount paid for their activation, use or prolongation;
16.10. Also, in case of violation of this provision, the company reserves the right to apply to protect its rights and legitimate interests in court.
17.1. These terms and conditions apply to all of your rights under the law and common law, and will not restrict any rights that you may have and that can not be excluded in accordance with applicable law.
17.2. In exceptional cases, the company can write off all available funds from your account to prevent the occurrence of circumstances that may lead to irreversible consequences regarding the life, health or well-being of our clients.
17.3. These terms of service, together with the terms of use, privacy policy and any instructions, instructions and similar information found on the Website (from time to time), constitute the entire agreement between you and “CloudyMining” regarding your use of the website, platform and / or the service and maintenance of equipment for the mining of crypto currency using a website, platform and / or service, with the exception of any other conditions.
17.4. Our refusal to enforce any condition is not, in general, our refusal to comply with this condition.
17.5. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is recognized as such which has no legal effect, it will be changed to the minimum extent necessary to enforce it, and the remainder of these provisions will remain in effect.
17.6. The Company declares that the process of mining which is carried out by means of a website, platform or service is not regulated by any laws and / or any regulatory enactments of any jurisdiction.
17.7. The parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These terms and conditions for the provision of services are monitored and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, provided that these terms of service are not interpreted as being in conformity with EU legislation on consumer protection, including any right to recall or cancellation in accordance with Directive 2011 year / 83 / EU on consumer rights, for any person who is not normally a resident of an EU member state.
17.8. This website is available in several languages. In case of conflict between translations, the English version prevails.
17.9. “CloudyMining” will have the right to change the terms of service provided by these Terms and Conditions of Service by providing you with a notice, including notices provided through the website, platform and / or service.
17.10. All questions, comments or complaints should be sent to us through customer support and we will respond within 48 hours.